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Ankhon Dekhi Suno, Sunao.

Ankhon Dekhi OST

Queen Bey made a ton of waves for dropping a whole album for free online. Well, so did we…not quite with as much aplomb and definitely not accompanied by frontal cakes in G strings. Some guys on the crew were willing to take one for the team and put on a thong but we figured the world’s going through enough trauma already.

So here you go! The saaf, suthra and ati-sundar OST of Ankhon Dekhi. Free! (Insert starburst here).

Lyrics: varun grover

Music: Sagar Desai

Featured Artists: @Kailashkher@singer_shaan@ronkinigupta and Mansheel Gujral.

The reviews are in. Masala is out.


4 out of 5 stars from Indian Express, Rediff, India Today, Aaj Tak.

3.5 from so many others.

4.5/ 5 for the music.

And this.

Just some of the overwhelming love coming Ankhon Dekhi’s way.

Maybe the overlords don’t have faith in the film, but people can spot the difference between the “pittal” from the “sona”, as @Namrata_Joshi tweeted:

Namrata Joshi ‏@Namrata_Joshi  Mar 21

Filmi duniya pittal di ho but #AankhonDekhi hai sone di…Mere anubhav pe na jaayein, swayam apni aankhon se dekhein, parkhein, samjhein…

I would list and post everything being said about AD but it’s impossible to keep up. In a good way though. One should be so lucky to have such problems!

Maybe follow our journey here:

or here

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And come watch.



MARCH 23 2014:

Anupama Chopra’s glowing review of Ankhon Dekhi on The Front Row. 3 and a half stars. 00:54

And a short consolidation of all the love we’ve gotten.

Hello, again.

After months of gestation, Ankhon Dekhi finally had its muh dikhai. Flanked by family and friends, the film was premiered at PVR Plaza in Delhi. It was my second time watching the film and by golly even a ADHD sufferer like me stayed hooked.

What was most gratifying about the screening was that a surprisingly wide cross-section of the audience latched on to the characters so deeply. From my discerning friends at BBC to my Akshay Kumar loving mum, everyone was in love with Bauji and Amma. Hard to share their final reaction without giving away the ending but suffice it to say I didn’t have to ask anyone what they thought. They jumped on their own to say “it was great” or “amazing job you guys” or “fantastic”. It’s kinda nice to get reactions without having to extract them or cheat by guiding people’s opinion with the right questions.

It’s hard to know how much love we will get from the Box Office, that’s a different beast. But in our own very critical books, we did a great job. It’s a great movie with tons of complexities hidden in complete simplicity. It’s not perfect but it’s funny, it’s moving, it’s sublime. But don’t trust my word for it, even thought I’m not being biased at all, the movie releases pan India this Friday, see it with your own eyes. As Bauji propagates: Sab Yahi Hain, Aankhein Khol Ke Dekho. But till then, check out some of the moments from the Delhi premier.

See you soon!

The End is Near.

Seems like yesterday when I was sent the Ankhon Dekhi script to audition for Rita’s role. That never happened but the Assistant work did. How I ran to Goa after the first schedule and was mocked by @karma_lies and @wraith_ness for bringing the script along. I have a brain that’s a sieve. So memory is a big problem. At least I know that and know how to work with that – read everything more often and write everything down. So while they read Taming of the Shrew etc, my reading material consisted solely of the script. I miss that. The view of the beach, a fruity liquid breakfast and the AD script to read. I’m obviously being sentimental and focussing on this when actually it was a small part of the whole holiday.

Gosh! It’s not even over yet, and I already know how terribly I’ll miss some people. Anyway, can’t wait to see what new adventures await.


The Yedi AD

Lull After the Storm

So a scene spread over 3 nights is over. Everyone was sort of dreading it and it all went off very well. There was yelling and ego hurting but it’s over and the results seem good. So, there it is – the business of filmmaking. After that intense time today felt a little, dare i say, dull. I’m craving that chaos again, minus the tongue lashings of course. It’s no secret that I don’t think very highly of myself but i think i did well. Sometimes all you can do is be a trooper. Actually, that’s possibly the only way you can do this work.

Oh! I got to act too. Again, not very impressed with myself. My professor would be so disappointed. I don’t know if anything will make it to the final product but if it does I hope it never looks like an AD was asked to “go stand there.”

Only 10 more days till the last day of shoot. 4th is a holiday and I’m really looking forward to going home. Then, I’m looking forward to going somewhere far and sandy and perfect.

hope to post something again on the 4th.


The Yedi AD

What’s in a Name?

Turns out we might be renaming our film. That kind of makes my blog title redundant. That was my first thought. Yes, terribly selfish of me. Anyway 3 nights of shooting await us. So no time to mull over this. Preparing for all-nighters since yesterday by sleeping all day. Went home and woke up only to eat and feed the cats. Genius. Tons of extras to work with for the next 3 nights so fully prepared for chaos and commotion.

Let’s get this show started!



At Work We Play

No need to say that when someone works as an AD it’s to learn about the process of making movies. So it was thrilling for me that Rafey sir started a game with me that’s just between the two of us. I joined the project because I wanted to see, not only how the production works, but also if i have a good idea of execution. And seems like I do. I have extreme regard for Rafey sir’s work so if he thinks I get the essence of what the scene should be, I think I’m good. As plagued by self doubt I am, I have to say I’m pretty confident about where the heart of a scene lies. I really cannot thank him enough for how important and dare i say, talented, he makes me feel.


The Yedi AD