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After working for seven years in advertising it’s nice to feel this excited again. It’s been a few hours since work began on Delhi’s first day of auditions and I have barely tweeted all day. That’s a shocker. That’s how you know Mansi has no time to even die and will probably be furrowing her eyebrows till they get stuck. And yes, also no time to check blogs for typos. But busy in the best way possible.

The truth is, it’s all very simple and super fun. Just surprising how some people take these opportunities for granted. I don’t know if they’re trying to be nonchalant about getting an audition for such a big film or is that really just Delhi? Indifferent. And then they turn out to be so eager to please; for that ONE elusive chance. We met such a young man today. He stood out in a long lineup of people to begin with. And then he nailed the auditions in a way that was just, sing hallelujah my heart! And as horribly cliche as that sounds a great friend of mine also charmed everyone with his talent. I knew he would. I’m happy he did. But then, there were disappointments too. A few people with experience who were very talented but just so wrong for this. Hard to let such people go. But let go we must, to make room for people who can actually use that place.

Finally, at what’s almost the end of Day One i have one final takeaway – i feel like this my Day One in the work force. I feel like a child. I’ve always been naive and immature, but I haven’t been like a child since, maybe even when i was a child.

It’s my Day 1 and already my phone bill’s gone through the roof texting people directions because they refuse to find a pen and paper. Guys, have mercy on a nothing AD. We’re paid peanuts and cannot afford a giant phone bill. Especially those of us with giant ISD bills. Combined with my calls to Tajikistan and America, this job would leave me with a phone bill bigger than my paycheck. But that’s fine, because i’m being paid in more than money. I won’t complete the sentence and make the thought idiot-proof.

Now, it’s time to get back to the Ankhon Dekhi email account and check for more undiscovered gems. If i can skip dinner, I sure can skip the desire to ramble on about how great this work is.

See you on Day 2.


The Yedi AD



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