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I address this to people who just saw Rajat’s tweet and decided that they wanted to try their luck, and our patience. Everyone has their dreams, of course. But please, at least work towards them and make an effort to get a portfolio clicked.

Read a tweet, and send your fb pics along with picassa links. Really?? WHY?! Please understand that you’re taking time any from people who really want to be actors. It’s not a problem for me to see your 9kb pictures, but do realize people are giving up a lot to do this for a living.

But that’s just a small experience from a small fish. it’s not my life and death, it’s not even my concern. It’s a part of my job. And I love my job. Getting to find new people with true talent? That’s a great job. Because not only is it rewarding but someone did that for me and it’s only fair of me to give back. So while my patience did run thin in the middle, a cup of chai did wonders and i’m back on our email account skimming through faces with characters and their phone numbers.

I almost want to sign this off as “Mithya” because several people have addressed their replies to an entity called “Mithya”. Why? Because our emails are sent on behalf of Mithya Talkies. I guess, i’m lucky that they don’t begin with “Dear Ms Talkies”. I’m a true optimist i tell you.

See you on Day 3. With more on what was my Ankhon Dekhi.


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