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Day 3 – A case of the invisible tiara and missing glasses.


I think Ankur is still recovering from getting smacked by 2 elderly gentlemen in yesterday’s auditions. Such is the life of an AD. Especially, if you’re a bearded one who doesn’t wear an invisible tiara.

To break the over-sheltered princess mould and to get into the spirit of our characters i took the metro and a rickshaw to work today. At peak hour. From Rajiv Chowk. Yea! But honestly what’s been labeled as a nightmare by people, was not really that bad. No worse…actually, dare i say, even better than New York’s subways or Penn Station. Indeed it was crowded as hell. But no one poked me or blatantly grazed against me. If they did, it’s possible i didn’t feel it because my body’s gone numb thanks to Delhi’s winters.

Auditions are off to a flying start. Everyone is ahead of schedule for a change. And are even texting if they’re bailing on us. Delhi, just when my faith is teetering, you…well, suck me back in.

A tweet by Munish again created a flood of random hopefuls, made worse by the fact that Ranvir Shorey RT’d it to his 40k followers. I may not be new in this business and I am all for giving new people a chance. But the fact is that as time goes by, we find pretty good people. This makes it even harder for twitterers ‘trying their luck’ to be taken seriously. Rajat, though i have yet to meet him, does seem awfully kind. He gives a chance to people who others, including I, would see as spammers. But then, he has donkeys years in the business and I don’t. so what do i know. People can surprise you, and they do.

For instance, two people who were auditioning came without their reading glasses. How do you do that? You know you’ll be given a script to read and then audition. How do you leave your glasses at home? It’s incomprehensible to me. Ankur had this feeling that they couldn’t actually read English but didn’t want to admit it. I think he’s right and that makes me feel sad. It’s a Hindi movie. It’s very much in hindi. So go ahead and tell us that sorry, I cannot read English. No shame in that. Regardless, one of these very ladies was actually great. Very real and believable. The best we have auditioned for her character till now.

Jiya (Munish’s niece), Ankur and I barely kept our marbles together when a 16 year old auditioned like he was posing for a Hanna Barbera production. I have not seen such outrageous, exaggerated expressions beyond Nick, Disney etc. Jiya was laughing in a corner and the only thing that kept me from breaking into a fit of uncontrollable laughter was that THE. CAMERA. CANNOT. SHAKE. I’m certain my laughter was caught on it but, the camera. did. not. shake.

The last day of the audition was barely an audition. The poor woman got lost, was exhausted, couldn’t read and i’m sorry to say, could not act. But we did find one good actress and…now, its saturday night. Munish is kind enough to give us Sundays off! So, while i will certainly re-open my one-person call center tomorrow, I refuse to make any calls or check the mail even once tonight. Tonight, there will be a case of hey! there’s orange juice in my vodka.

So goodnight. See you on Day 4. with more Ankhon Dekhi.


The yedi AD



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