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DAY 4 – Christmas by Association.

So while people are tweeting about their lovely Christmas trees, I will be making calls to actors, some struggling, some snotty. But crib, i do not. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and dare I break that cardinal rule. So the dukan opens right after lunch in Khan Market, with a smile on my face and a tinkle in my voice.

Ok that didn’t last long. Received another mail with no pictures. At least this one has a flickr stream. Along with it is a message – please see my photos of flickr for persual (sic). Because Christmas is almost here I feel extra generous and open the link. What I find are extremely beautiful pictures…of Ladakh. No human. Just landscapes. I’m tempted to reply with “beautiful pictures sir, but at the moment we’re not looking to cast rivers and milestones. Thank you for your time.” I have a sinking feeling that I’ll go from a jolly little caroler to a batty brown Grinch by the end of thursday.

Wow. a few calls later and I have the feeling that the transition wont take that long. But before I officially turn into a Grinch-y Scrooge I’ll pose you all a question: in any given profession, if you are the one looking for a job and hence an interview would you determine the time, and reschedule repeatedly? Would you really still think that you have an iota of a shot at the job if you made the interviewers reschedule not once but thrice? Am I insane to think that as the job seeker I should be the one who accommodates the job creators? I’m starting to worry that DU and Harvard taught me all wrong.

As I’m about to conclude this, a song comes on my itunes and I hear the lines “If it gets any sweeter than this, i don’t wanna know…” in Katie Herzig’s lovely voice. Life, you do like your wink-wink moments don’t you.

See you tomorrow. I promise i’ll try to find the sweetness Miss Herzig was singing about by then.

Xmas Cheers!


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  1. following it up…sure will find some really interesting and entertaining bits 🙂


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