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DAY 6. AD on AD Explained.

It was brought to my attention that the title of my blog’s a tad misleading. Friends logged in hoping to read about juicy Asst Dir on Asst Dir action. Sorry to disappoint everyone but this isn’t that kind of a blog and my life isn’t an episode of Entourage.

Ankur insists I mention Day 3’s 16 year old who was hitting on me. Heaven knows if he was trying to flirt his way into getting a callback. Unfortunately all he got was mocked after he left. Objectively speaking he was one of the weirdest characters we’ve seen till date and just remembering his audition is making me break out in to my fit of silent laughter. But he stood out without a doubt. Original, funny, and not trying too hard. So guess what, maybe he’ll end up on the film and you’ll have the pleasure of seeing exactly what I mean.

But this does makes me think, isn’t the sleazy pick up stuff supposed to work the other way? It’s only today that I had enough time to wonder about the infamous casting couch and the omnipresent shady producer. The only couch we have is scary solely because of its colour – bright pink. I know. And Munish could not be more chill if he tried. Truth be told, no one’s hit on me and I’ve hit on no one. And it’s not because I am related to someone on the team. Not even close to having any contacts on Ankhon Dekhi. So maybe, the couch is just for sitting.

Believe what you will. In true Ankhon Dekhi spirit, I’ll believe only what I see. Tomorrow, I hope that’s you. See ya for now.


The Yedi AD


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  1. haha this reminds me of Bheja Fry. The creative team does work like ‘finding the right idiot’ 😀

  2. The bright pink couch was once accompanied by bright pink curtains as well .. And the 2 Van Gogh prints and A Raza did look nicer with those …


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