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DAY 7 – Down One Set of Eyes.

Today was a really light day. I think the dense fog has something to do with the thin turnout. The Delhi winters had us down one man. Ankur was marked absent and missed the delish cake I got from home. The treat coincides with the end of my first week as an AD on AD. People auditioning got to enjoy some of it. We’re shooting in Delhi, guys. We have to be a khaati-peeti team.

As for the auditions, the last two days have been a case of quality over quantity. We saw about 12 people. Liked 7, loved 2. Those are seriously good numbers. Sending the videos to bombay for feedback. I’m pretty sure i’ll be yelled at by Ankur tomorrow for not sorting them the way he would. If he does, no cake for him!

@Munishbhardwaj is busy finding perfectly imperfect locations for the shoot, all of which were scoffed at by Dev, his nephew because they’re “durrty”. Super cute. We’re still desperately looking for a central female character. Her bluntness can often hurt some people and amuse others, but at the end of the day she’s good at heart. I know so many women who are like that in their real lives, if only they could do on camera what do they do in real life.

Tiny update and quick question: How is it that, @mrrajatkapoor tweeted that we urgently need 50 yo female actors and i got mails from Oman-based boys?

See you on day 8. With my Ankhon Dekhi.


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