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Day 8 – Eyes on the Prize.

Last day of auditions tomorrow. Cast is almost ready. Hardly any of the people i thought would make it, made it. Sorry.

Super curious to see how Rajat is on set and treats the characters. But that’s step 506. First, Step 2. Day after, Munish and Ankur are going location-hunting, and i’m going on a holiday. Feel a tad guilty for leaving them in the middle of so much work but it’s CHRISTMAS! Plus, I’ll be working on my birthday so that should compensate for things.

But, before I go off till the new year, i have a bone to pick. I know everyone wants to look their best in an audition but for pete’s sake don’t lie so blatantly. I’ve noticed this happen since day one and on many different levels. The whole process of blaming others that you weren’t briefed correctly just makes you look stupid and unreliable. It’s cheap to play the blame game but it’s just plain daft to throw people who are getting you a job under the bus. Good luck with where you’re going with that attitude. Can’t imagine it’d be far.

Damn. i can’t start my holidays on that merry note. So, thinking of something funny. Oh! there we go. I might have failed to mention this earlier but Ankur has this inability to come on time. And today he came post lunch because he forgot something he’d bought for work at the store itself. He had to go all the way back and pretty much missed half the auditions, which were’t too many to begin with. Gosh! There’s no way I can let Rajat down unless I like set the props on fire or something. Phew! That’s a load off my brain. In case the ‘accident prone zone’ tag comes back to haunt me, i have a back up plan. It has to do with unleashing the powers of dadi’s amazing gajar ka halwa on Rajat. I’ve been duly informed that it’s an infallible way to please him. (Enter sinister laugh here).

That’s a sweet enough note to end this stage on.

See you in the new year. With new things to share.


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