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Day 9. Falalala lalala pfft!

This AD’s work is never done, probably because I never do it. Especially when I have to be the bearer of bad news. It’s kind of awful when people call me asking if they made it through the audition or not. Though I don’t give a straight answer and shell out the staple ‘we need another 9-10 days to make the decision’, I’m sure they can make out. ‘We’ll call you. Don’t call us.’ and other such cliche MBA routines don’t really work. Rejection scripts need to be revised with more believable lines. It’s hard letting someone down like that. I probably would prefer it if I was told outright that it didn’t work. But! Turns out the truth is that when someone says, “you were great, just not great for this role” it’s true! I’ve been on this side and believe me when i say that it’s the awful truth, but it is the truth. So keep your chin up and your dreams afloat.

Please Note: This DOES NOT mean we’re done with the casting. We do need more days to make our decisions. It’s just an observation on the auditioning and call back process. I know for a fact that I will see some of those who auditioned in 10-odd days. That’d be a good new year present, right?

In case anyone’s found me excessively cold, blunt or rude, please know that I apologize and I am paying for it everyday. With blood tests and a zillion medicines.

Till I see you next, with what’s my Ankhon Dekhi, Happy Holidays.


The Yedi AD


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