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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Day 31 – Sir, May I Please See your Shorts?

Last but one day of shooting left, for this schedule of course. All day at the zoo. And now I have to ensure that the actors boxers and briefs are also good to go. No coloured boxers with pyjamas, please! Actually, technically I should have been doing this the whole time. It just didn’t, for some reason, occur to me. Couple of rings nearly gave me a heart attack too. Basically, people need to stop wearing accessories. No scarves means no stress about which side was over the shoulder. But everything’s good. The rings are right, the scarves, the bags, the chaddis. All. Cool. ‘Death by Continuity’ is just not going to look good on my epitaph.

It was pretty cool to see a giant Bengal Tiger roar and what not for us. Scary. But cool. You don’t get that in real life.

Woah boy! It’s 39 past freaking midnight. I have to wake up at 6 and I’m not the least bit sleepy. I better get some sleep before Melvin turns me into Jesus by nailing me to the nearest wall. ‘Died for Yawning On-Set’ won’t look good on the epitaph either.

So time to shut John Legend up. And try to shut the over-caffeinated eyes.

Be back later in the day, the last day of this schedule. Suddenly, I’m seeing Goa ‘Before My Eyes.’


The Yedi AD

Day 30 – An Education

I love the movie. I love Carey Mulligan. I love Alfred Molina. And I love studying. And i definitely like my on-set lessons. So it was quite poetic that today we shot a scene at a school. With 60 school kids. That’s a lot of passings and background control. And that was my favourite part. When Ankur said “okay, forget the continuity and take care of this group of children for these, these, these scenes.” That was the most fun part of my day. Actually dealing with people and not numbers or crosschecks. And controlling the passing didn’t seem as hard as it looked at the park shoot yesterday. I guess that’s true for everything. Deceptive little world we live in.

So, we have another couple of scenes to shoot at 10pm. I’m not sure if I have to go for it. Will keep everyone posted. Till then Zzzzzz!

Ok. No Zzzzz. Went to shoot Old Delhi at night. Even at 11pm people gathered to take pictures with @mrrajatkapoor.

I’m back in my hotel room and i have two chick friends now! Yayyy! Finally friends on the crew. I mean, yea they’ll leave after the shoot but still, till April it should be fun. Now i’m going to see if I can go bug someone. Ta!


The Yedi AD

Day 29 – A Walk in the Park

This is when i roll on the floor, laughing my tired ass off. I don’t know why I thought that just because the number of scenes to shoot are few and in the same location, today was going to be easier. But there were so many factors that were impossible to control. People would not move away from the background. Even @munishbhardwaj yelled at them. He never yells. So you know it’s serious. They still didn’t budge though. God! I never do that when I bump into a shoot. I went nuts when I happened to come across The Dark Knight Rises shoot near our apartment in LA. I’m a HUGE Batman and Christopher Nolan fan so i was totally bugging out. But i was still such a good observer. Why can’t other people be more like me? ha! I kid. I kid. But yea, a little consideration goes a long way.

And there were so many background activities happening all the time. You genuinely need 10 eyes to be in this business. I really cannot imagine how Ankur handled all 3 – costume, art and scene – continuities on Mithya. He really is Melvin. But in a great, very impressive way. I do not know how he does what he does. And @mrrajatkapoor is so nice that it unnerves me a little. I’m thrown off by how friendly and not mean him and @meenal_ are. Talent, i’m not even going to talk about.

Anyway my little lovefest is over now. This is the last blog i’m writing for this schedule from my home. I’m shifting to the hotel from tomorrow. It would just be easier. I might be shooting myself in the foot because I’ll be at Melvin’s beck and call 24 hours a day. But I think I’ll get to learn more. Plus, save precious sleeping time. And money!

So bye now. I have to go pack.


The Yedi AD

Day 28 – Take One in 3…2…

Day’s started around 3:15am with yoga, revision, the daily show and a very unhealthy breakfast. This is not meant to scare anyone or make it sound like I’m doing something exceptional. None of this is to make me look better, because it’s not particularly productive. These are just nerves and a lot of nervous energy. I’m sure the experienced people from the team will be far less antsy, and hence productive.

I don’t see how i can write this in one go, so it’s better if I do it in piecemeals. The above was the first. Now to finish my coffee, get ready and dash out in 50 mins.

For live tweets and twitpics and juice follow @munishbhardwaj.

Oh wow! What a hectic, crowded, chaotic day. I don’t know how we got so much done. And we definitely got a lot done. Just surprises everywhere. In the attempt to not miss a detail I have finished half the continuity book already. And my grey coat has a giant carbon blue ink all over the sleeve and what not. Well, goes perfectly with my hands and nails. Egad! But i’m beat now and my left arm weighs a ton from carrying the book and that deceptively heavy clapboard.

But there’s a definite air of ‘no more fun and games now, children.’ OMG!!!! What a segue!! @sangeeta83 just called to say that our friend Gagan’s finally had her son!!! OMG!! I can’t wait to see him.

Having such a fun time with the team all packed in a tiny room. Darshan is such a riot and @rajneeshkapoor is surprisingly quiet. Now, i’m home and having homecooked food. And guess what! there’s fresh, hommade rabri in the frige! Oh! My grandma won’t rest till I look like her newborn chunky monkey again.

Gotta go now and indulge in some See you all tomorrow.



The Yedi AD

Day 27 – Hand to God.

I won’t lie. Yes, my first shoot starts tomorrow and i am nervous as heck. There’s a reason some people call me the Zen Jain. But nerves before a big undertaking like this were a given. The fact that I’m writing this at 3:26 is proof of that. On paper, I know my jobs but I have no idea how it will go once the rubber hits the road. I also can’t figure out where i should step in and where I should stay out of people’s way. I hate people who are like “Ma’am! Ma’am! I know the answer!” Then are tripping over each other to hand in a piece of paper. But that’s always been my struggle, even as a person. I think I’ll stick to what got me bullets from Marcus Stern – keep your head down, do your work, don’t play the blame game. I’d rather say sorry with my head down than throw someone under the bus. I’ve been under that bus and the view is not nice. If at the end of the day, my work still doesn’t impress the ones who need to be impressed, then, i guess we will have to rethink the whole living on thing. Just kidding, folks! Hang up on the suicide hotline.

Now that i’m at home and it’s quiet, all these kind of thoughts and doubts and concerns are rushing to my mind. But the day, though it started at 2, was very hectic and exciting. Sanjay Mishra, Maya Sarao, Namit Das and Chaitanya rehearsed their scenes, had a few smokes and got their looks for tomorrow done. @mrrajatkapoor’s transformed before our eyes, ‘stache and all. As i’ve honestly not seen Maya’s previous work, not even her audition videos, I was very pleasantly surprised by her. There’s something about her that draws the eye. Plus, all day she was nice to me and didn’t ask me to fetch her a lighter or anything. Small joys. And then there’s something so sweet and open about Namit. I do hope first impressions last in this case.

The alarm was set for 5am but I beat it by almost 2 hours. The tap dancing butterflies won’t let me sleep. So might as well revise. Haven’t used the R word since school.

See you tomorrow  later today with more from Ankhon Dekhi. This time from the sets!


The Yedi AD

DAY 26 – Like a Glove

Today the production, direction and costumes departments were finally here from Mumbai. I met the other 3 ADs who’re all very sweet and I’m sure I can learn a lot from them. But I hated when, out of the blue, I caught myself calling people ‘Sir’ too. I blame these new influences for it. Thankfully I checked myself well before it became a weird habit.

The costume trials happened and were loved. Everyone came on time and looked the part. Of course, the actors from Mumbai are still not here. And our first schedule is only for 5 days. But the bones have fat now.

All this, done before lunch. The rough definition of ‘smooth functioning’. And then there was a tiny hiccup, a yelling at the AD team, on the street. Yeah. Not our finest moment. Anyway people, nothing to see here, keep it moving. So off we went to a couple of the locations to see how the actors could be used, where the extras could go etc. It was fun to stand in for the actors. It’s such a silly thing but it was fun.

The My city in itself is so amusing and inspiring. A perfect example of this would be this man we saw who was sleeping on a park bench with one leg hugging the bench like a lover. Reminded me of the way I used to wrap myself around my giant, fuzzy and stuffed sleeping companion. Delhi’s awesome.

Today was also the first time when we had our very talented still photographer along for the ride. He’ll be covering the ‘making of’ with his swanky Nikons and Canons. So, you will no longer have to stand for my mobile phone shots.

Other than coordinating with actors and costume continuity, Ankur has given me another big job to handle – continuity. He made it sound tricky, tough and the kind of thing that gets you buggered, but @mrrajatkapoor said it’s not tough at all. I’d like to believe him. But, as an offscreen chela of Bauji all I can say is, we shall see. I’ll only believe what I experience. Bauji would be so proud.

I have to go now and put my advertising background to use. Rajat asked me long ago to write promo scripts for the film. I haven’t written even one. But I have this idea which has been germinating in my mind for a while. I hope to script it out tonight. My date with my favorite vampire – Selene, has been again postponed for this reason. She’ll understand. Work comes first for her too.

So at the end of the day, not just the costumes but also the team, fits. It. Fits.

See you tomorrow with more such lengthy posts. And my Ankhon Dekhi. I’m in a terrific mood so I’m going to sign off



The Yedi AD

Meet the Team – V

Time to meet the friend i mentioned a few posts ago – the proud Pithoragarhi, Manish Karnatak. Till now people have heard him on Radio Mirchi as one half of the ‘2 Idiots’. Now, he’ll be seen in Ankhon Dekhi. Here’s a video of him interviewing Raghu and Rannvijay of Roadies and saying, “jo ‘C’ hotey hain, unki toh lagni chahye.” Set par dekhte hain kiski lagti hain.

He’s also the father of the very opinionated Chu Chi – the bird and this is his facebook page.

All the best, buddy. Don’t make me look like a bigger fool than I am.

That’s all for now.


The Yedi AD