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DAY 13 – We Have Faces.

Day 13 was a big day for the team. We have our cast for the most parts. A character or two are left but we finally have faces to put to the words. This is a big day and looking back on the list after all the auditions are over, the whole picture is emerging so clearly.

I’m particularly thrilled by some of the people we selected. Also, that a very talented friend of mine got a role. Now, let me be clear here, I did not push any of my friends shamelessly and didn’t get my whole khandaan for the auditions. Only people I thought had a real chance got face time with the team. After that, it was up to them. One made it, two didn’t. But the one who made it, boy did he make it. Now, I hope he won’t let the actual shoot intimidate him. He better not or I’ll never live it down.

I want to share the details about of some of the cast so desperately but I will have to wait till things are a little more concrete. Wouldn’t want to jump the gun and reveal too much too soon.

So come back if you want to hear the real details. In the end, congratulations to everyone who made it. And for those who didn’t, we still have some roles to cast and maybe we’ll see you again, soon.

Be back soon. With more of my Ankhon Dekhi.


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  1. love the blog- keep it going! and if you can regular at it, even during the shoot, then it would be a good journal.. i like it!

  2. Girl u r going places .. wid comments from RajatKapoor as well!! Brilliant.. I am following it loyally and finding it worth 🙂


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