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Day 10 – Where the animals are.

Finally @mrrajatkapoor is in Delhi. We started our location recce with him at the Delhi Zoo. There’s a joke in there because we’ve all heard movie-making is quite a monkey business. I’m told I’ll see plenty of chaos at the shoot and I have no reason to doubt that. After that we went to various very quaint places like a DAV school, a dharamshala and a park, all of them located in Old Delhi. I haven’t seen Old Delhi so closely. The only memories i have are of going to uncle’s shop in Chawri Bazaar to see Raam Lila and to buy a boot-full of crackers at cheaper prices in Jaama Mazjid. But now, we’re inside their homes, their shops, their lives. It’s like nothing else. And i’m certain that will come across in the movie.

It’s not all charm and character though. Getting from one place to another is a feat. It was a really bad idea to get a car to this place. Parking is a menace. Unless ordered otherwise, I will never make this mistake again. Metro and rickshaws will do just fine, thank you.

I’m known for saying ‘sorry’ after every 15 mins. It’s a habit you can’t help but pick up from Americans. Especially when your professor says it to you all for the littlest thing. So, this is where i again apologize if there are any typos in this blog. I’m beat and cannot bring myself to sleep.

So, before i shut my eyes for the night, Goodnight.

See you tomorrow. With more of my Ankhon Dekhi.


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