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Day 16 – Sign here, Please

As people might have understood from @mrrajatkapoor’s tweet, the cast for Ankhon Dekhi has been locked. Final contracts are to be signed on Thursday. Won’t share anything more till then. Soon after, Ankur and @munishbhardwaj are flying off to Mumbai. In their absence I’ll be holding down the fort. Woahh! That should be fun.

But there it is, people. We have a cast. Faces to the names. Voices to the words. Excitement level rising, anxiety levels rising faster. To EVERYONE who showed up, thank you very much for you passion and time. I sincerely hope the experience was a pleasant one. Meeting each and every one of you has been an inspiration and a privilege.

Of course, we had to let some people go because they thought the screen-time was too short for them. It’s a free country and that’s their prerogative. But in my humble opinion, Rajat’s writing has ensured that even characters who are just there for one scene are unique and memorable. So I’ll refrain from saying that it was sad to see people looking for quantity over quality. But, such is the world. And someone’s loss is someone’s gain. At the end of the day, everyone wants to work with people who believe in the project. And that is exactly the kind of team we have now. In the lyrics of the great philosopher and father of blue Ivy, Jay Z – Who Gon Stop Me Now!

See you tomorrow. With more of my Ankhon Dekhi.


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