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Meet the Team – II

I’ve been talking about @munishbhardwaj and @mrrajatkapoor often in the blog. But to follow other Ankhon Dekhi team members who are on twitter, just follow this list I made:!/list/MansiNirJain/ankhondekhithefilm

It’s an evolving list. The latest addition to it is Priyesh. Hopefully, Ankur, our anti social networking CAD will succumb to the charms of twitter, soon. I’m the curator and if any one has been left out, it’s completely on me.
I particularly suggest you follow @meenal__. NOT because she’s the boss’ wife, you cynical people. But because her instagram uploads are stunning. Trust. Of course, don’t take my word for it. Trust your own Ankhon Dekhi. See what I did there?
Time to go now. Be back soon with more of my Ankhon Dekhi.


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