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DAY 17 – BRB

Tomorrow all the actors will come and sign their respective contracts. And then @munishbhardwaj and Ankur will be off to Mumbai for about 10 days. I’m already a little sad about that. I think I’m gonna miss them.

But! There’s work to be done and that’s enough to distract me. Also, I can/must work on the promo scripts in the meanwhile. Ideas are buzzing around in my head about how we can promote the movie using guerilla tactics. But that comes much later, first I have to nail the “three scripts” @mrrajatkapoor wants. Hopefully, for tomorrow’s blog I’ll get some of our latest team members to pose. About time we have a collage-style post.

So look forward to seeing our talented cast on the next blog. ‘Night for now.


The Yedi AD


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