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DAY 19: AD FA and Yedi FA

Last night I watched the first movie on the AD FA list – Rules of the Game. And tonight I’m going to bed with L’Avventura. This isn’t on the AD FA list. It was just highly recommended by a young director I met in Harvard and I admire his taste a lot. So, now it’s part of my own FA list (The Yedi FA). It’s followed by L’Eclisse. Both are by Michelangelo Antonioni. Will judge if they’re as good as he made them sound. I’m working on Ankhon Dekhi. So, I will trust only what I see.

I had just one job to do today and I couldn’t even do that. *Hangs head in shame*. Will go to the Zoo again tomorrow to get clearances before we can shoot any of the animals. As a lifelong animal activist, I’m happy to ensure that everything’s done by the book. This is what @MunishBhardwaj had to tweet about the process. “No permission required to film a person eating chicken or mutton, but we need about a 100 to film a hen or a goat ..#NightmaresOfAnEp.”

Just in case anyone else is heading to the Delhi Zoo tomorrow, don’t. The crowd was at Nightmare Level 78 today. Just saying. But of course, see for yourself.

Teeny update: Hazzah! All the actors involved in the January schedule have been notified of their dates. Everyone seems excited and eager. Myself included.

See you tomorrow.


The Yedi AD


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