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Day 20 – Broken Record

So I went to the zoo again today, and that’s exactly what I’ll do tomorrow as well. Lots of people have to sign on three pieces of paper before the precious Panthera Tigris can be filmed. Excerpts from the form: Species of animal. Gender of animal. Age of animal. Sunsign of animal. Okay, the last one I made up. But I don’t even know all this about my kittens.

I completely understand @munishbhardwaj’s frustration now. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure they don’t care to know any of these details. So to be honest, it’s not horrible at all. Annoying? Yes. But not horrible, at all. Just takes a few hours of my day. Most of the real work is being done in Mumbai. In the end, I got to spend a sunny morning at the zoo. Let’s face it, I could do much worse. Plus! I get to hear “thank you, Mansi” for work that’s my job. So, life ain’t that bad, if you disregard the two-legged, whistling baboons I came across. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed “Ch**tiya Saala!” that loudly. Ever!

See you tomorrow with more from the zoo.


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  1. haha! I can’t imagine miss propah using such words. tsk tsk. What would Sister Clarinda say.


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