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Day 21 – Behind Door Number 2

I think by now everyone must have guessed that I’m fairly incompetent. So it should come as no surprise that I still don’t have all the approvals needed to film an animal at the zoo. I am thisclose to suggesting that we do it PeTA style or employ one of my cats. Please pretend you can’t tell the difference. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Zoo again. I hope the good doctor is back from his holiday and will oblige me with his autograph. Later in the day I went to our main location to get the measurements of the house we’re going to use. But of course, there was a catch – the house was locked and the only boy with the keys had better things to do. Fair enough. So I had two options – 1. Sit there seething for the two hours. 2. Spend said two hours at Jama Mazjid in the company of pigeons. After trying option 1 for five minutes my Buddhist side gravitated towards option 2. Because guess what, I used to have an attitude, now I just have a positive attitude. So I figured, people come here from all over to sit in contemplation. Since I’m already here, the least I can do is take advantage of the time and opportunity I’ve been afforded. The result of which is here for you to see.


I have no skill for photography but I enjoy it and it moves me. So, I’m going to keep documenting the wonderful things I see during the Making of Ankhon Dekhi. So much beauty before my eyes, how can I keep it to myself. The link for the album is here.

A little aside: When I was younger I used to pretend to be Storm from X Men. And now, I have to channel her again. As we need a wintery feel for the shoot, @mrrajatkapoor’s ordered me to ensure that Delhi stays cold. So i hope no one minded the sudden downpour last night. Just practicing, people.

Now I will go watch the Golden Globes and will see you tomorrow.


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