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Day 23 – Blazeflash of Fury

A courier cannot be my downfall. I forbid it! This is the closest i have come to using Caps Lock while writing. Do you understand the gravity of the situation? A courier. Three papers. To get three papers delivered i had to invoke the help of @kp1200 and his regional heads. And it will still be late! That too if i’m lucky. I was born on the 13th. So i’m not counting on that. I’m hiding under the blanket and never coming out.

Also, I’m making it a personal mission to make as many people as possible aware about Blazeflash’s dishonest and incompetent ways. Though, seems i was the last one to know anyway.

Tweeting the last conversation i had with a Swati Thode at Blazeflash just didn’t seem enough. I have to document this for my future shrink to help her understand why I am so messed up. Long conversation of half assed answers. Basically the subtext was, i want to go home, put the phone down you weird woman. The last part of the call was Ms Thode saying casually “kal ho jayyeengaa naa madammm.” Silence from my end and as I think that my ex CD would yank out my ovaries saying that incompetent people like you should not reproduce.

Does this look like a viable alternative career for me? Organic farming or something.

20 for 2. But only coz i like your face.


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