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Day 25 – Bundle of Nerves

First callsheet received and it’s all so real now. This is happening. Fittings are day after and the shoot is a few days away. Gulp. Okay. Gather yourself. I need someone to go all Cher on me and get me to “snap out of it!”

Confession: Before writing the title I had to check ‘what day is it?’. Cue Lifehouse’s You and Me.

See you later with more.


The Yedi AD

PS: Why? Why? Why? Why do our actors ask me to mail them something when they have no intention of checking it? Tomorrow you would have happily come in the wrong clothes and it’d be on me. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.


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Writer. Director. Traveller. Twitter and Instagram - @mansinirajain.

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  1. c’est bien! bonne chance 🙂 #fingerstogether SnappAaaoutuvit!!


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