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DAY 26 – Like a Glove

Today the production, direction and costumes departments were finally here from Mumbai. I met the other 3 ADs who’re all very sweet and I’m sure I can learn a lot from them. But I hated when, out of the blue, I caught myself calling people ‘Sir’ too. I blame these new influences for it. Thankfully I checked myself well before it became a weird habit.

The costume trials happened and were loved. Everyone came on time and looked the part. Of course, the actors from Mumbai are still not here. And our first schedule is only for 5 days. But the bones have fat now.

All this, done before lunch. The rough definition of ‘smooth functioning’. And then there was a tiny hiccup, a yelling at the AD team, on the street. Yeah. Not our finest moment. Anyway people, nothing to see here, keep it moving. So off we went to a couple of the locations to see how the actors could be used, where the extras could go etc. It was fun to stand in for the actors. It’s such a silly thing but it was fun.

The My city in itself is so amusing and inspiring. A perfect example of this would be this man we saw who was sleeping on a park bench with one leg hugging the bench like a lover. Reminded me of the way I used to wrap myself around my giant, fuzzy and stuffed sleeping companion. Delhi’s awesome.

Today was also the first time when we had our very talented still photographer along for the ride. He’ll be covering the ‘making of’ with his swanky Nikons and Canons. So, you will no longer have to stand for my mobile phone shots.

Other than coordinating with actors and costume continuity, Ankur has given me another big job to handle – continuity. He made it sound tricky, tough and the kind of thing that gets you buggered, but @mrrajatkapoor said it’s not tough at all. I’d like to believe him. But, as an offscreen chela of Bauji all I can say is, we shall see. I’ll only believe what I experience. Bauji would be so proud.

I have to go now and put my advertising background to use. Rajat asked me long ago to write promo scripts for the film. I haven’t written even one. But I have this idea which has been germinating in my mind for a while. I hope to script it out tonight. My date with my favorite vampire – Selene, has been again postponed for this reason. She’ll understand. Work comes first for her too.

So at the end of the day, not just the costumes but also the team, fits. It. Fits.

See you tomorrow with more such lengthy posts. And my Ankhon Dekhi. I’m in a terrific mood so I’m going to sign off



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  1. Au Jus! Plugged in here 🙂
    People.. Keep it moving…

  2. looks like u r having a blast!


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