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Day 28 – Take One in 3…2…

Day’s started around 3:15am with yoga, revision, the daily show and a very unhealthy breakfast. This is not meant to scare anyone or make it sound like I’m doing something exceptional. None of this is to make me look better, because it’s not particularly productive. These are just nerves and a lot of nervous energy. I’m sure the experienced people from the team will be far less antsy, and hence productive.

I don’t see how i can write this in one go, so it’s better if I do it in piecemeals. The above was the first. Now to finish my coffee, get ready and dash out in 50 mins.

For live tweets and twitpics and juice follow @munishbhardwaj.

Oh wow! What a hectic, crowded, chaotic day. I don’t know how we got so much done. And we definitely got a lot done. Just surprises everywhere. In the attempt to not miss a detail I have finished half the continuity book already. And my grey coat has a giant carbon blue ink all over the sleeve and what not. Well, goes perfectly with my hands and nails. Egad! But i’m beat now and my left arm weighs a ton from carrying the book and that deceptively heavy clapboard.

But there’s a definite air of ‘no more fun and games now, children.’ OMG!!!! What a segue!! @sangeeta83 just called to say that our friend Gagan’s finally had her son!!! OMG!! I can’t wait to see him.

Having such a fun time with the team all packed in a tiny room. Darshan is such a riot and @rajneeshkapoor is surprisingly quiet. Now, i’m home and having homecooked food. And guess what! there’s fresh, hommade rabri in the frige! Oh! My grandma won’t rest till I look like her newborn chunky monkey again.

Gotta go now and indulge in some See you all tomorrow.



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