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Day 30 – An Education

I love the movie. I love Carey Mulligan. I love Alfred Molina. And I love studying. And i definitely like my on-set lessons. So it was quite poetic that today we shot a scene at a school. With 60 school kids. That’s a lot of passings and background control. And that was my favourite part. When Ankur said “okay, forget the continuity and take care of this group of children for these, these, these scenes.” That was the most fun part of my day. Actually dealing with people and not numbers or crosschecks. And controlling the passing didn’t seem as hard as it looked at the park shoot yesterday. I guess that’s true for everything. Deceptive little world we live in.

So, we have another couple of scenes to shoot at 10pm. I’m not sure if I have to go for it. Will keep everyone posted. Till then Zzzzzz!

Ok. No Zzzzz. Went to shoot Old Delhi at night. Even at 11pm people gathered to take pictures with @mrrajatkapoor.

I’m back in my hotel room and i have two chick friends now! Yayyy! Finally friends on the crew. I mean, yea they’ll leave after the shoot but still, till April it should be fun. Now i’m going to see if I can go bug someone. Ta!


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  1. Just gt to know from my sis..we r ardent fan of wishes to u all..


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