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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Day 40 – Pink and Yellow and Green and Blue.

So that might not make a lot of sense to people. But it will to Meenal and to the good people who read my short story last month. That was the title of a 20-page story i wrote about self loathing and a corresponding inability to love. Not autobiographical. (Shifty eyes).

How it relates to Ankhon Dekhi is that all these colours and more are being added to our main house – Bauji’s house. It looks great, especially the yellow. I’m biased towards all things yellow. But the blue rooms with the tinge of green also look so charming. Then we have two pink doors, and a lifebuoy soap, which will be present in a corner.

Meenal and Munish will be back from their recce in Manali tomorrow morning. If you don’t follow him on twitter, here’s a little bit of what you’ve missed. There’s more where that came from, so @munishbhardwaj is the man you’re looking for.

As soon as he’s back, we have to go the Bauji’s home with an architect because, and this is funny so read closely, the walls shake as soon as you hammer in anything. We knew that the terrace is dicey and not too many people are allowed in certain areas. But yea…if the walls come crumbling down then it might not be such a good thing. But don’t worry. Surely that won’t happen. That’s what we are going to go and ensure tomorrow.

Isn’t every day is a wonderful new adventure? Lovin’ it!


The Yedi AD


Day 39 – AD in the Art Dept.

So this is the good thing about working on a small film, you get to be involved in pretty much every department. Like today, I got to spend all day shadowing Meenal, understanding what all needs to be done in our main location. It’s detailed right down to the colour of the soap. It’s pink, in case anyone was wondering. Also learning about paint textures, sunmica, light fixtures, fake walls, Durga calendars etc.

Meenal and Munish are leaving for location recce in Manali tomorrow. So i’ll be all by myself in Delhi. Bummer! I guess the work mentioned above will keep me busy.

Good news, we seem to be closing in on Ajju’s parents. Won’t know for sure for a while but seems like it’s under control. Got up at 5 am to watch the Oscars today, so I just want to crash right now. SPOILER ALERT! Super pleased that Meryl Streep won. The woman is a Goddess.

Happy birthday call to Amreekan friend awaits. So must head out before she’s too drunk to pick up the phone. Goodnight, everyone.


The Yedi AD

Day 38 – Parents

Been working to ensure that our Ajju isn’t an orphan in the film. Found some good actors who could probably fit the bill. Shout-out to our Delhi actors for helping me out with numbers and recommendations. @meenal_ is coming to Delhi tomorrow and work at the main location will begin. Location recce includes a trip to Manali. Not for me. But I am wondering if that’s a proper job, suitable for me to pursue as a career option.

Marcus, my professor at Harvard SSP emailed last night to congratulate me and wish me luck for a big interview that’s lined up soon. He’s so very gracious. Just getting a vote of approval from someone like him is such a confidence booster. I have to say, even Munish and Melvin have been so very encouraging. They have far more faith in me than I do in myself. My father’s already convinced it’s a done deal and planning what I should do before the big move. “Holiday”, he suggests, “3 months in Europe”. Do i love him or what. The exact opposite of Amrish Puri in DDLJ. I can totally see him saying, “Life’s too short, Mickey. Jaa! Jee Le Apni Zindagi.” (Go, live your life). Although all my money’s on the odds that he hasn’t even seen the film.

Anyway, now I’ll get back to finding a mother for Ajju. And then we continue with the Oscar Weekend. Till now I’ve caught Bridesmaids, Tree of Life, Moneyball, Carnage, The Artist (in that order), and tonight I watch The Iron Lady. Meryl is my hero. If i ever met her in person, I know i’d turn into Raj From TBBT.

I don’t know how i missed Tinker Tailor, Albert Nobbs and I can’t find anyone to go watch My Week with Marilyn with me. But The Help I consciously passed on. I got swept away by the vehement and unanimous reviews of my African-American friends who trashed it for being yet another film where “a nice white lady comes in to solve every n****’s problems”. I think i’ve missed out on a great performance by Viola Davis and I am a fan of Bryce Dallas as well as Amy Adams. So maybe i’ll stop being narrow minded and watch it as just a movie.

That’s Day 38 in Yedi Ad’s life. Tomorrow will start very early to catch the Oscars from the red carpet itself. I tweet incessantly on such occasions. So if you’re into that, great. Otherwise you might want to unfollow me or you’ll wake up to a TL that’s been hijacked by my tweets. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


The Yedi AD

Day 37 – Neigh!

More animal actors, more approvals. This time, a horse. A mare, rather.

It really is a small world because of all the places in Delhi we went to Friendicoes to get approvals. These are the same people who got my first paycheck from Ankhon Dekhi as a donation. They got the money because they’re uncompromising in their work. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the approvals. One of the reasons being that they charge a mini-bomb for doing the inspection and signing on the dotted line. Fair enough. But for now, we have to hold our horses and try again somewhere else.

By the way, the eyes are hunting for more actors. Specifically: Males, 50-ish, Delhi-based.

So if someone’s reading this and has an Uncle/Father/Neighbour who would be interested in auditioning for us, the email address is:

Hope we hear from you.


The Yedi AD

Day 36 – The Dating Game.

Shockingly no one gave any grief about the schedule. Kudos to the Bombay guys for making such a clean, thought-through schedule. Everyone has time. Everyone is eager.

I feel like I’m tempting fate by celebrating early. Seems too easy to be true. Half expecting someone to call and throw a wrench in things. Let’s see.

(3 hours later)

Hurrah! There we go. Our first wrench-thrower. And a Mjölnir-sized wrench too. Coldplay, save me.


The Yedi AD

Amma, I’m Home!

Holiday over. Back to the place with good vegetarian food and milky coffee. Home, as we often call it. As usual, grandma was devastated by the darkened skin. A tan it’s called, Amma! I like it.

Well there’s work to be done. Went over a promo script I wrote for AD about 20 times. Definitely back to my training days in Lowe. Been doing this for 6 years, and quite effortlessly might I add. But writing a movie promo script felt different. Especially for a movie I actually want people to see. I don’t know how it’s done. Just went with things that make me want to watch a movie – curiosity, clever writing, good acting. First time in years I felt nervous before sharing a script for a commercial. But it’s gone now. Awaiting feedback, brickbats, whatever. Prepared for it all.

Will keep everyone posted. Unless it’s ripped apart. Then, no. I won’t be sharing anything further on the subject. We’ll pretend it never happened. I’m good at that.

Came home to some amazing news waiting in my gmail. And then another one was delivered online. So last night was definitely a good night. Took me about 30 minutes to stop screaming and jumping up and down. The giant smile’s still plastered on my face.

Now I must go. Can’t wait any longer to scarf down some good home-cooked food. So, goodbye and have a good morning.


The Yedi AD

Gone Fishin’

Well, actually i don’t fish at all. Not even ‘catch and release’. But 12 hours from now I’ll be soaking in the sun and swimming with kelp. Yup. I’m off for a holiday. Going to Goa after 4 years and for the 6th or 7th time. Still as exciting as ever. Will be MIA till the 20th. So come back then if you want a break from AD-giri and would rather hear about my Adventure-giri.

Will share my Ankhon Dekhi from the beach and the carnival. Till then, adios! Vámonos


The Yedi AD