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Day 32 – Sigh!

We’re done for the month. I’m home and i need to reward myself. Not because i did well but because i didn’t fall apart. The last shoot location was so small and cramped, everyone was invading everyone’s personal space. Literally stepping on toes and what not. I can’t even imagine how the real show will go because the main location is really tiny too and needs twice as many actors to be present. Oy vey!

I don’t see how i can get my work done if i’m not right by the assist or the camera at all times. And there’s just a baraat everywhere. I’m really hating the hanger-ons. They’re constantly talking and looking into the camera and suddenly a loud bhajan will go off on a damn mobile phone. Who in this day and age doesn’t know that on a movie set you switch off your phone! I swear I’m going to go Taliban on someone’s ass one of these days. I just hope it’s not caught on our ‘making-of’ camera. That is not how i want to get millions of video hits.

I also see it as progress that I’m being called Manisha by people now. It’s definitely better than Mithya.

Anyway I’m home now and have a month to recover. So maybe this will be the last post for a while. Hope you all miss me a lot.


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