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Day 33: Wedding Crasher. Starring: Me!

Okay, so it was more of an engagement. But there I was, walking into a dharamshala where an engagement was about to begin. Taking pictures of everything like a “tourist Madam”. But I got the pictures and sent them last night.

They had that typical frothy coffee, sprinkled with cocoa powder. For once, it was Ankur who didn’t know what something was. (insert Freddie Mercury meme here). I was really missing Swati and even Darshan because the clothes people wearing there were mind-blowing. The wide eyes have been blinded by all the bling. Got reprimanded for dressing like a “madam from Paris” by Ankur. Apparently, black overcoat and overpriced bag weren’t dress code appropriate. But it was Saturday night and I had places to be! Places which wouldn’t let me in if I looked like a homeless AD. Finally I didn’t go but that’s besides the point and because even though he came like 1 hour late I gave Ankur a tour of Green Park. Even took him to try Rajat’s favored Gajar ka Halwa from Evergreen. I really want him and everyone else who comes from outside to see Hauz Khas Village too. It’s my favourite place in Delhi. Next time. He promised-ish that he won’t leave before seeing it.

I might have to go to the dharamshala again on the 24th, this time to crash a wedding. Will dress in a gaudy salwar kameez and let you know how the food was. I got there too early this time plus the kids peeing in a corner didn’t do much for my appetite.

I got myself a neat gift and even a set for @meenal_, it’ll reach her if Ankur doesn’t steal it from me first. They’re the tea holders people carry around over there. I’m going to spray paint them and turn them into chandeliers/holders for the candles I make. Will be such a cool Sunday DIY project. Fun! Fun! Fun! Time to get started on that. Ta!

Be back soon with more of my Ankhon Dekhi.


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