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Day 35 – I’m lovin’ it. Parapapapa!

So while the whole world was wearing red and celebrating a Hallmark holiday, I was in Old Delhi with Munish and others sifting through possible locations. Makes perfect sense since I love my work. Hopefully what we liked will be chosen.

For a second I thought I have to grow a money plant for the film. But for now I do not think that’s the case. Seems it was just another case of bad network and Chinese whispers. I do have a green thumb for sure so maybe we’ll put it to use. Added a few more pictures of the recce, 4 to be exact. What colours!

Now, I get to enjoy the night with a foodie friend and pig out on a lavish dinner in Hauz Khas Village. Staring at this Golden Tree all the while. Reminds me of song by Sting.

Ciao for now.


The Yedi AD


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