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Amma, I’m Home!

Holiday over. Back to the place with good vegetarian food and milky coffee. Home, as we often call it. As usual, grandma was devastated by the darkened skin. A tan it’s called, Amma! I like it.

Well there’s work to be done. Went over a promo script I wrote for AD about 20 times. Definitely back to my training days in Lowe. Been doing this for 6 years, and quite effortlessly might I add. But writing a movie promo script felt different. Especially for a movie I actually want people to see. I don’t know how it’s done. Just went with things that make me want to watch a movie – curiosity, clever writing, good acting. First time in years I felt nervous before sharing a script for a commercial. But it’s gone now. Awaiting feedback, brickbats, whatever. Prepared for it all.

Will keep everyone posted. Unless it’s ripped apart. Then, no. I won’t be sharing anything further on the subject. We’ll pretend it never happened. I’m good at that.

Came home to some amazing news waiting in my gmail. And then another one was delivered online. So last night was definitely a good night. Took me about 30 minutes to stop screaming and jumping up and down. The giant smile’s still plastered on my face.

Now I must go. Can’t wait any longer to scarf down some good home-cooked food. So, goodbye and have a good morning.


The Yedi AD


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