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Day 40 – Pink and Yellow and Green and Blue.

So that might not make a lot of sense to people. But it will to Meenal and to the good people who read my short story last month. That was the title of a 20-page story i wrote about self loathing and a corresponding inability to love. Not autobiographical. (Shifty eyes).

How it relates to Ankhon Dekhi is that all these colours and more are being added to our main house – Bauji’s house. It looks great, especially the yellow. I’m biased towards all things yellow. But the blue rooms with the tinge of green also look so charming. Then we have two pink doors, and a lifebuoy soap, which will be present in a corner.

Meenal and Munish will be back from their recce in Manali tomorrow morning. If you don’t follow him on twitter, here’s a little bit of what you’ve missed. There’s more where that came from, so @munishbhardwaj is the man you’re looking for.

As soon as he’s back, we have to go the Bauji’s home with an architect because, and this is funny so read closely, the walls shake as soon as you hammer in anything. We knew that the terrace is dicey and not too many people are allowed in certain areas. But yea…if the walls come crumbling down then it might not be such a good thing. But don’t worry. Surely that won’t happen. That’s what we are going to go and ensure tomorrow.

Isn’t every day is a wonderful new adventure? Lovin’ it!


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