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Day something.

I’m not sure what day it is but i do realise i have a lot of catching up to do. Haven’t been able to blog since the second schedule started, not that many people read this but it’s just a question of diligence.

plus it’s a little tough to blog about the film without giving away things i cannot. so it’s a tricky thing. But here’s what i can say, Meenal’s art Rafey Sir’s framing and Rajat’s eye, it’s a really freaking remarkable combination. Every frame looks like a goddamn painting to me and just wow. I don’t know how much i can reveal about the cast but i have immense respect for so many of them. They understand their craft ever so well and just nail it every single time. Very inspiring.

I also must mention the attack of the monkeys. Shooting in Old Delhi would have been incomplete without it. Suddenly the terrace was taken over by our cousins and if we locked the doors they were smart enough to enter from the vents. that was straight out of a crazy Sci Fi movie.

anyway no more monkeying around. I will go now and get ready for a 2pm to 2am shift.

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