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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The End is Near.

Seems like yesterday when I was sent the Ankhon Dekhi script to audition for Rita’s role. That never happened but the Assistant work did. How I ran to Goa after the first schedule and was mocked by @karma_lies and @wraith_ness for bringing the script along. I have a brain that’s a sieve. So memory is a big problem. At least I know that and know how to work with that – read everything more often and write everything down. So while they read Taming of the Shrew etc, my reading material consisted solely of the script. I miss that. The view of the beach, a fruity liquid breakfast and the AD script to read. I’m obviously being sentimental and focussing on this when actually it was a small part of the whole holiday.

Gosh! It’s not even over yet, and I already know how terribly I’ll miss some people. Anyway, can’t wait to see what new adventures await.


The Yedi AD


Lull After the Storm

So a scene spread over 3 nights is over. Everyone was sort of dreading it and it all went off very well. There was yelling and ego hurting but it’s over and the results seem good. So, there it is – the business of filmmaking. After that intense time today felt a little, dare i say, dull. I’m craving that chaos again, minus the tongue lashings of course.┬áIt’s no secret that I don’t think very highly of myself but i think i did well. Sometimes all you can do is be a trooper. Actually, that’s possibly the only way you can do this work.

Oh! I got to act too. Again, not very impressed with myself. My professor would be so disappointed. I don’t know if anything will make it to the final product but if it does I hope it never looks like an AD was asked to “go stand there.”

Only 10 more days till the last day of shoot. 4th is a holiday and I’m really looking forward to going home. Then, I’m looking forward to going somewhere far and sandy and perfect.

hope to post something again on the 4th.


The Yedi AD