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The End is Near.

Seems like yesterday when I was sent the Ankhon Dekhi script to audition for Rita’s role. That never happened but the Assistant work did. How I ran to Goa after the first schedule and was mocked by @karma_lies and @wraith_ness for bringing the script along. I have a brain that’s a sieve. So memory is a big problem. At least I know that and know how to work with that – read everything more often and write everything down. So while they read Taming of the Shrew etc, my reading material consisted solely of the script. I miss that. The view of the beach, a fruity liquid breakfast and the AD script to read. I’m obviously being sentimental and focussing on this when actually it was a small part of the whole holiday.

Gosh! It’s not even over yet, and I already know how terribly I’ll miss some people. Anyway, can’t wait to see what new adventures await.


The Yedi AD


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