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Hello, again.

After months of gestation, Ankhon Dekhi finally had its muh dikhai. Flanked by family and friends, the film was premiered at PVR Plaza in Delhi. It was my second time watching the film and by golly even a ADHD sufferer like me stayed hooked.

What was most gratifying about the screening was that a surprisingly wide cross-section of the audience latched on to the characters so deeply. From my discerning friends at BBC to my Akshay Kumar loving mum, everyone was in love with Bauji and Amma. Hard to share their final reaction without giving away the ending but suffice it to say I didn’t have to ask anyone what they thought. They jumped on their own to say “it was great” or “amazing job you guys” or “fantastic”. It’s kinda nice to get reactions without having to extract them or cheat by guiding people’s opinion with the right questions.

It’s hard to know how much love we will get from the Box Office, that’s a different beast. But in our own very critical books, we did a great job. It’s a great movie with tons of complexities hidden in complete simplicity. It’s not perfect but it’s funny, it’s moving, it’s sublime. But don’t trust my word for it, even thought I’m not being biased at all, the movie releases pan India this Friday, see it with your own eyes. As Bauji propagates: Sab Yahi Hain, Aankhein Khol Ke Dekho. But till then, check out some of the moments from the Delhi premier.

See you soon!


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