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I have never taken to the idea of blogging for myself before. I’ve always joked that I never write nuthin’ for free. The amount of time I spend on twitter as @mansinirajain clearly discounts that claim. I’m doing this to share my time in the world of filmmaking. At present, it covers my day to day life as an assistant director on Rajat Kapoor’s upcoming film – Ankhon Dekhi and the journey of Moh Maya Money, a crime drama I co-wrote and associate directed. I also figured that it might be useful for people who dream of working in the movie business. I hope people can spot the jokes and understand the spirit in which all this is written. All opinions are personal but not personal.

NB: Comments are welcome. Bitching is not.


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  1. righty said.. i’ll sure be checking for ‘the film making business’ part.. was always quite intriguied about the whole thing…

    • well, it’s all a part of it. auditions, location recce, getting yelled at (which thankfully hasn’t happened yet). all fun. though i keep waiting for the dreaded “buggerin” Ankur told me to expect.

  2. Very insightful blog I must say! and interesting too… Gonna check in a lot now


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