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Not to be dramatic but seems one of the things that takes the biggest hit on set are your trust issues. The very people you help and work with and consider friends throw you under a bus and turn you into a subject of gossip. Did that make you look good or feel good, darling? good for you. happy to help.

I would imagine that experienced people know who’s who and what’s what. The only thing you can do in such situations is either ask for a department shift or in my case, do the work as usual even if it irritates people and beyond that say Ram Ram. Though it does help infinitely when people with donkey’s years in the business come up to you personally and say you’re doing a good job.

So just take what you should. The rest is nothing but white noise.

Little song dedicated to all my fellow worker bees. You’re awesome and let no one tell you otherwise.


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Break 3

So my roommate has gone home for the night and I’m all by myself in the hotel room. Chocolates, Chris Martin and a little souvenir from Goa are all that are keeping me company. I’m surprised that we’re almost done with March and it’s going to be all over, at least for me, by April 11.

I wish I could share more about the shoot and the movie. But it’s all hush hush for a while. Can just say that at times it’s really tough but usually it’s like a masterclass in filmmaking; a completely different approach from what I expected or have seen till now.

It’s not all peaches and cream though.

Anyway, I’m calling it a night. Mr Martin’s soothing voice is acting like a side effect-free Ambien.



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Day 43 – Spring is in the air

The break mentioned in the previous blog was to give our location a feeling of Spring. Will get to see the outcome tomorrow. Am just about to leave home and head back to the hotel. Got a lot of work done. EG: filling forms for the Tajik visa so that I can see my sister after 11 months! i just realised it’s been 11 months since i last saw her. wow. Well, the wait’s almost over now. A roadtrip to Uzbekistan is on the cards too. Should be fun. So that visa also has to be dealt with.

After this 2-day break, i’m super charged and looking forward to starting work again. See you next time from the hotel.


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PS: technically this is nowhere near ‘Day 43’. It’s more like Day 54 but i’ve been behind and so consider this ‘Post 43.’

Break 2

These little breaks between shoots give me time, not just to sleep and meet people outside the job but also to assess everything. Without any bias or prejudice, I know what we’re doing on set everyday is game-changing. I have to say, our lead actors are just beyond inspiring. Their level of concentration and commitment is extremely humbling. I wish I could name names but I don’t think I’m allowed. Once the movie comes out you’ll know what I mean. The way they internalize their words and gestures it’s, wow. Their work, it’s unquestionable.

I cannot wait to get to a stage where someone will say that about me.

It took forever but I think I’ve found a comfort level at work, a voice too. I hope this confidence or whatever this thing is lasts for a while.


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Day something.

I’m not sure what day it is but i do realise i have a lot of catching up to do. Haven’t been able to blog since the second schedule started, not that many people read this but it’s just a question of diligence.

plus it’s a little tough to blog about the film without giving away things i cannot. so it’s a tricky thing. But here’s what i can say, Meenal’s art Rafey Sir’s framing and Rajat’s eye, it’s a really freaking remarkable combination. Every frame looks like a goddamn painting to me and just wow. I don’t know how much i can reveal about the cast but i have immense respect for so many of them. They understand their craft ever so well and just nail it every single time. Very inspiring.

I also must mention the attack of the monkeys. Shooting in Old Delhi would have been incomplete without it. Suddenly the terrace was taken over by our cousins and if we locked the doors they were smart enough to enter from the vents. that was straight out of a crazy Sci Fi movie.

anyway no more monkeying around. I will go now and get ready for a 2pm to 2am shift.

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Day 42 – Joy x Joy

List of reasons to be joyful today:

  • @mrrajatkapoor liked all 3 people we auditioned for Ajju’s Father.
  • The main location looks incredible after @meenal_’s art direction.
  • I get more than enough time to prep for my big interview on the 5th evening. I’m gaining a wee bit of confidence about it but I’m still mostly a nervous wreck, though only when I think about it. Thanks to the movie I have a great distraction and something bigger to focus on. Thank God for small mercies.
  • Gorged on a chocolate cake that was waiting for me when I got home.
  • I think I failed to mention this before but I’m observing Lent. So for the 40 days I’ve given up being impatient, annoyed and whining. That is going surprising well.
  • Last but not least, I saw where Akshay Kumar is shooting his next movie!! OH MY BEJEEZUS! (Yeah! i was kinda kidding about that. I’m sure it’s great and all but I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises being shot. Nothing tops that.)

This was everything I saw today. But now I must go and work. Till the i/view is over I’m not going to be very good company. Good or bad, I need it to be over. Fine. Yes! I need it to be good. I need to nail it. Being Type A is not a choice. So just bear with me and wish me luck.


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Day 41 – Last of the Auditions

On my way to the hotel, I came across a sea of namaazis. The entire stretch from from the Metro station to our hotel was blocked for vehicles. So I had to put my feet to work and somehow walked past this. This is the benefit of being ahead of time – you can stop and take pictures at your leisure. And as you can see here, i do that often. What a wonderful sight. Rather inconvenient but wonderful nonetheless.

Our last audition for Ajju’s Father was at 5. That’s all we could pull out from our hats. Now it’s up to Rajat to pick and choose. I don’t even know what to write about anymore. My mind’s been taken over by ‘Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close’. What a movie. Such a pleasure to watch. Given that movies and stories are subjective, one could debate the resolution endlessly. But what in my opinion is not up for debate is that it was a splendid movie. Shot to the max, the cast acted the hell out of every scene and what flawless direction. I need to go buy the book and find the final draft.

So surprised that it went under everyone’s radar all this time. The most disheartening thing has to be that, discounting myself, there were maybe 15 other people in the whole of DT audi 7. So, please catch while you still can. It is clearly not going to last long.

This was today’s very satisfactory Ankhon Dekhi. Kal dekhte hain kya hota hain.


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