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Lull After the Storm

So a scene spread over 3 nights is over. Everyone was sort of dreading it and it all went off very well. There was yelling and ego hurting but it’s over and the results seem good. So, there it is – the business of filmmaking. After that intense time today felt a little, dare i say, dull. I’m craving that chaos again, minus the tongue lashings of course. It’s no secret that I don’t think very highly of myself but i think i did well. Sometimes all you can do is be a trooper. Actually, that’s possibly the only way you can do this work.

Oh! I got to act too. Again, not very impressed with myself. My professor would be so disappointed. I don’t know if anything will make it to the final product but if it does I hope it never looks like an AD was asked to “go stand there.”

Only 10 more days till the last day of shoot. 4th is a holiday and I’m really looking forward to going home. Then, I’m looking forward to going somewhere far and sandy and perfect.

hope to post something again on the 4th.


The Yedi AD


Break 2

These little breaks between shoots give me time, not just to sleep and meet people outside the job but also to assess everything. Without any bias or prejudice, I know what we’re doing on set everyday is game-changing. I have to say, our lead actors are just beyond inspiring. Their level of concentration and commitment is extremely humbling. I wish I could name names but I don’t think I’m allowed. Once the movie comes out you’ll know what I mean. The way they internalize their words and gestures it’s, wow. Their work, it’s unquestionable.

I cannot wait to get to a stage where someone will say that about me.

It took forever but I think I’ve found a comfort level at work, a voice too. I hope this confidence or whatever this thing is lasts for a while.


The Yedi AD

Day 41 – Last of the Auditions

On my way to the hotel, I came across a sea of namaazis. The entire stretch from from the Metro station to our hotel was blocked for vehicles. So I had to put my feet to work and somehow walked past this. This is the benefit of being ahead of time – you can stop and take pictures at your leisure. And as you can see here, i do that often. What a wonderful sight. Rather inconvenient but wonderful nonetheless.

Our last audition for Ajju’s Father was at 5. That’s all we could pull out from our hats. Now it’s up to Rajat to pick and choose. I don’t even know what to write about anymore. My mind’s been taken over by ‘Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close’. What a movie. Such a pleasure to watch. Given that movies and stories are subjective, one could debate the resolution endlessly. But what in my opinion is not up for debate is that it was a splendid movie. Shot to the max, the cast acted the hell out of every scene and what flawless direction. I need to go buy the book and find the final draft.

So surprised that it went under everyone’s radar all this time. The most disheartening thing has to be that, discounting myself, there were maybe 15 other people in the whole of DT audi 7. So, please catch while you still can. It is clearly not going to last long.

This was today’s very satisfactory Ankhon Dekhi. Kal dekhte hain kya hota hain.


The Yedi AD

Day 37 – Neigh!

More animal actors, more approvals. This time, a horse. A mare, rather.

It really is a small world because of all the places in Delhi we went to Friendicoes to get approvals. These are the same people who got my first paycheck from Ankhon Dekhi as a donation. They got the money because they’re uncompromising in their work. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the approvals. One of the reasons being that they charge a mini-bomb for doing the inspection and signing on the dotted line. Fair enough. But for now, we have to hold our horses and try again somewhere else.

By the way, the eyes are hunting for more actors. Specifically: Males, 50-ish, Delhi-based.

So if someone’s reading this and has an Uncle/Father/Neighbour who would be interested in auditioning for us, the email address is:

Hope we hear from you.


The Yedi AD

Day 36 – The Dating Game.

Shockingly no one gave any grief about the schedule. Kudos to the Bombay guys for making such a clean, thought-through schedule. Everyone has time. Everyone is eager.

I feel like I’m tempting fate by celebrating early. Seems too easy to be true. Half expecting someone to call and throw a wrench in things. Let’s see.

(3 hours later)

Hurrah! There we go. Our first wrench-thrower. And a Mjölnir-sized wrench too. Coldplay, save me.


The Yedi AD

Day 34 – Auditions II?

So some more characters had to be cast for the second/main schedule. Made a list yesterday and Ankur came over to check if he likes any of them. Strangely enough, he does. I think the fact my grandma fed him oodles of Jaini food put him in a good mood. Also, the puppies he’s looking after are slowly finding homes. Touchwood. So it’s quite possible that 3 days from now the joy will wear off and he’ll reject everyone we’ve shortlisted. I still stand by some of the choices but let’s see. Maybe another round of auditions will be required.

But that’s all from today. Nothing more to report.


The Yedi AD

Day 29 – A Walk in the Park

This is when i roll on the floor, laughing my tired ass off. I don’t know why I thought that just because the number of scenes to shoot are few and in the same location, today was going to be easier. But there were so many factors that were impossible to control. People would not move away from the background. Even @munishbhardwaj yelled at them. He never yells. So you know it’s serious. They still didn’t budge though. God! I never do that when I bump into a shoot. I went nuts when I happened to come across The Dark Knight Rises shoot near our apartment in LA. I’m a HUGE Batman and Christopher Nolan fan so i was totally bugging out. But i was still such a good observer. Why can’t other people be more like me? ha! I kid. I kid. But yea, a little consideration goes a long way.

And there were so many background activities happening all the time. You genuinely need 10 eyes to be in this business. I really cannot imagine how Ankur handled all 3 – costume, art and scene – continuities on Mithya. He really is Melvin. But in a great, very impressive way. I do not know how he does what he does. And @mrrajatkapoor is so nice that it unnerves me a little. I’m thrown off by how friendly and not mean him and @meenal_ are. Talent, i’m not even going to talk about.

Anyway my little lovefest is over now. This is the last blog i’m writing for this schedule from my home. I’m shifting to the hotel from tomorrow. It would just be easier. I might be shooting myself in the foot because I’ll be at Melvin’s beck and call 24 hours a day. But I think I’ll get to learn more. Plus, save precious sleeping time. And money!

So bye now. I have to go pack.


The Yedi AD