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The End is Near.

Seems like yesterday when I was sent the Ankhon Dekhi script to audition for Rita’s role. That never happened but the Assistant work did. How I ran to Goa after the first schedule and was mocked by @karma_lies and @wraith_ness for bringing the script along. I have a brain that’s a sieve. So memory is a big problem. At least I know that and know how to work with that – read everything more often and write everything down. So while they read Taming of the Shrew etc, my reading material consisted solely of the script. I miss that. The view of the beach, a fruity liquid breakfast and the AD script to read. I’m obviously being sentimental and focussing on this when actually it was a small part of the whole holiday.

Gosh! It’s not even over yet, and I already know how terribly I’ll miss some people. Anyway, can’t wait to see what new adventures await.


The Yedi AD


Break 3

So my roommate has gone home for the night and I’m all by myself in the hotel room. Chocolates, Chris Martin and a little souvenir from Goa are all that are keeping me company. I’m surprised that we’re almost done with March and it’s going to be all over, at least for me, by April 11.

I wish I could share more about the shoot and the movie. But it’s all hush hush for a while. Can just say that at times it’s really tough but usually it’s like a masterclass in filmmaking; a completely different approach from what I expected or have seen till now.

It’s not all peaches and cream though.

Anyway, I’m calling it a night. Mr Martin’s soothing voice is acting like a side effect-free Ambien.



The Yedi AD

Amma, I’m Home!

Holiday over. Back to the place with good vegetarian food and milky coffee. Home, as we often call it. As usual, grandma was devastated by the darkened skin. A tan it’s called, Amma! I like it.

Well there’s work to be done. Went over a promo script I wrote for AD about 20 times. Definitely back to my training days in Lowe. Been doing this for 6 years, and quite effortlessly might I add. But writing a movie promo script felt different. Especially for a movie I actually want people to see. I don’t know how it’s done. Just went with things that make me want to watch a movie – curiosity, clever writing, good acting. First time in years I felt nervous before sharing a script for a commercial. But it’s gone now. Awaiting feedback, brickbats, whatever. Prepared for it all.

Will keep everyone posted. Unless it’s ripped apart. Then, no. I won’t be sharing anything further on the subject. We’ll pretend it never happened. I’m good at that.

Came home to some amazing news waiting in my gmail. And then another one was delivered online. So last night was definitely a good night. Took me about 30 minutes to stop screaming and jumping up and down. The giant smile’s still plastered on my face.

Now I must go. Can’t wait any longer to scarf down some good home-cooked food. So, goodbye and have a good morning.


The Yedi AD

Gone Fishin’

Well, actually i don’t fish at all. Not even ‘catch and release’. But 12 hours from now I’ll be soaking in the sun and swimming with kelp. Yup. I’m off for a holiday. Going to Goa after 4 years and for the 6th or 7th time. Still as exciting as ever. Will be MIA till the 20th. So come back then if you want a break from AD-giri and would rather hear about my Adventure-giri.

Will share my Ankhon Dekhi from the beach and the carnival. Till then, adios! Vámonos


The Yedi AD