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Day 43 – Spring is in the air

The break mentioned in the previous blog was to give our location a feeling of Spring. Will get to see the outcome tomorrow. Am just about to leave home and head back to the hotel. Got a lot of work done. EG: filling forms for the Tajik visa so that I can see my sister after 11 months! i just realised it’s been 11 months since i last saw her. wow. Well, the wait’s almost over now. A roadtrip to Uzbekistan is on the cards too. Should be fun. So that visa also has to be dealt with.

After this 2-day break, i’m super charged and looking forward to starting work again. See you next time from the hotel.


The Yedi AD

PS: technically this is nowhere near ‘Day 43’. It’s more like Day 54 but i’ve been behind and so consider this ‘Post 43.’