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Day 38 – Parents

Been working to ensure that our Ajju isn’t an orphan in the film. Found some good actors who could probably fit the bill. Shout-out to our Delhi actors for helping me out with numbers and recommendations. @meenal_ is coming to Delhi tomorrow and work at the main location will begin. Location recce includes a trip to Manali. Not for me. But I am wondering if that’s a proper job, suitable for me to pursue as a career option.

Marcus, my professor at Harvard SSP emailed last night to congratulate me and wish me luck for a big interview that’s lined up soon. He’s so very gracious. Just getting a vote of approval from someone like him is such a confidence booster. I have to say, even Munish and Melvin have been so very encouraging. They have far more faith in me than I do in myself. My father’s already convinced it’s a done deal and planning what I should do before the big move. “Holiday”, he suggests, “3 months in Europe”. Do i love him or what. The exact opposite of Amrish Puri in DDLJ. I can totally see him saying, “Life’s too short, Mickey. Jaa! Jee Le Apni Zindagi.” (Go, live your life). Although all my money’s on the odds that he hasn’t even seen the film.

Anyway, now I’ll get back to finding a mother for Ajju. And then we continue with the Oscar Weekend. Till now I’ve caught Bridesmaids, Tree of Life, Moneyball, Carnage, The Artist (in that order), and tonight I watch The Iron Lady. Meryl is my hero. If i ever met her in person, I know i’d turn into Raj From TBBT.

I don’t know how i missed Tinker Tailor, Albert Nobbs and I can’t find anyone to go watch My Week with Marilyn with me. But The Help I consciously passed on. I got swept away by the vehement and unanimous reviews of my African-American friends who trashed it for being yet another film where “a nice white lady comes in to solve every n****’s problems”. I think i’ve missed out on a great performance by Viola Davis and I am a fan of Bryce Dallas as well as Amy Adams. So maybe i’ll stop being narrow minded and watch it as just a movie.

That’s Day 38 in Yedi Ad’s life. Tomorrow will start very early to catch the Oscars from the red carpet itself. I tweet incessantly on such occasions. So if you’re into that, great. Otherwise you might want to unfollow me or you’ll wake up to a TL that’s been hijacked by my tweets. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


The Yedi AD


Day 29 – A Walk in the Park

This is when i roll on the floor, laughing my tired ass off. I don’t know why I thought that just because the number of scenes to shoot are few and in the same location, today was going to be easier. But there were so many factors that were impossible to control. People would not move away from the background. Even @munishbhardwaj yelled at them. He never yells. So you know it’s serious. They still didn’t budge though. God! I never do that when I bump into a shoot. I went nuts when I happened to come across The Dark Knight Rises shoot near our apartment in LA. I’m a HUGE Batman and Christopher Nolan fan so i was totally bugging out. But i was still such a good observer. Why can’t other people be more like me? ha! I kid. I kid. But yea, a little consideration goes a long way.

And there were so many background activities happening all the time. You genuinely need 10 eyes to be in this business. I really cannot imagine how Ankur handled all 3 – costume, art and scene – continuities on Mithya. He really is Melvin. But in a great, very impressive way. I do not know how he does what he does. And @mrrajatkapoor is so nice that it unnerves me a little. I’m thrown off by how friendly and not mean him and @meenal_ are. Talent, i’m not even going to talk about.

Anyway my little lovefest is over now. This is the last blog i’m writing for this schedule from my home. I’m shifting to the hotel from tomorrow. It would just be easier. I might be shooting myself in the foot because I’ll be at Melvin’s beck and call 24 hours a day. But I think I’ll get to learn more. Plus, save precious sleeping time. And money!

So bye now. I have to go pack.


The Yedi AD

Day 28 – Take One in 3…2…

Day’s started around 3:15am with yoga, revision, the daily show and a very unhealthy breakfast. This is not meant to scare anyone or make it sound like I’m doing something exceptional. None of this is to make me look better, because it’s not particularly productive. These are just nerves and a lot of nervous energy. I’m sure the experienced people from the team will be far less antsy, and hence productive.

I don’t see how i can write this in one go, so it’s better if I do it in piecemeals. The above was the first. Now to finish my coffee, get ready and dash out in 50 mins.

For live tweets and twitpics and juice follow @munishbhardwaj.

Oh wow! What a hectic, crowded, chaotic day. I don’t know how we got so much done. And we definitely got a lot done. Just surprises everywhere. In the attempt to not miss a detail I have finished half the continuity book already. And my grey coat has a giant carbon blue ink all over the sleeve and what not. Well, goes perfectly with my hands and nails. Egad! But i’m beat now and my left arm weighs a ton from carrying the book and that deceptively heavy clapboard.

But there’s a definite air of ‘no more fun and games now, children.’ OMG!!!! What a segue!! @sangeeta83 just called to say that our friend Gagan’s finally had her son!!! OMG!! I can’t wait to see him.

Having such a fun time with the team all packed in a tiny room. Darshan is such a riot and @rajneeshkapoor is surprisingly quiet. Now, i’m home and having homecooked food. And guess what! there’s fresh, hommade rabri in the frige! Oh! My grandma won’t rest till I look like her newborn chunky monkey again.

Gotta go now and indulge in some See you all tomorrow.



The Yedi AD


I address this to people who just saw Rajat’s tweet and decided that they wanted to try their luck, and our patience. Everyone has their dreams, of course. But please, at least work towards them and make an effort to get a portfolio clicked.

Read a tweet, and send your fb pics along with picassa links. Really?? WHY?! Please understand that you’re taking time any from people who really want to be actors. It’s not a problem for me to see your 9kb pictures, but do realize people are giving up a lot to do this for a living.

But that’s just a small experience from a small fish. it’s not my life and death, it’s not even my concern. It’s a part of my job. And I love my job. Getting to find new people with true talent? That’s a great job. Because not only is it rewarding but someone did that for me and it’s only fair of me to give back. So while my patience did run thin in the middle, a cup of chai did wonders and i’m back on our email account skimming through faces with characters and their phone numbers.

I almost want to sign this off as “Mithya” because several people have addressed their replies to an entity called “Mithya”. Why? Because our emails are sent on behalf of Mithya Talkies. I guess, i’m lucky that they don’t begin with “Dear Ms Talkies”. I’m a true optimist i tell you.

See you on Day 3. With more on what was my Ankhon Dekhi.


The yedi AD